The Benefits of Managed IT Services

managed_it_photoMore and more companies are reaping the benefits of Managed IT Services.  Whether you are a small or large size office, there will always be a dire need for IT support.

More often than not, many business have an “IT guy” but technology is only their second or third job.  In some cases, an office’s IT support comes from the same person that cuts the checks!  Outsourcing IT services gives you the peace of mind of having qualified and experienced network technicians by your side while you focus on your business.

Here are some benefits of Managed IT Services:

Control IT Costs

Fixed IT costs can be a burden on your expenses, especially when you’re paying for something that’s not always needed.  Outsourcing allows for variable costs, meaning you only pay for what you use when you need it.

Reduce Labor Costs

Hiring an IT staff is one thing, but training is a whole different story.  Hiring and training can be very costly, and sometimes the new hires don’t always live up to their resumes. Outsourcing takes the human resources responsibilities off of your shoulders so that you can focus on more important things… like making money!

Experienced. Qualified. Certified.

If you’re not well-versed in IT, and your HR department isn’t trained either, how will you know who to hire? Just because someone is certified doesn’t make them qualified.  Managed IT Services ensures that all IT technicians have the experience needed to succeed.

Increased Efficiency

In-house IT services can be taxing on a business due to time and resources.  This cost is ultimately passed on to customers.  With an outsourced IT solution, none of your business’ time and resources is wasted on IT support.

Implementation of New Technology

As your business requirements evolve over time, so does your technology needs.  A well-trained, efficient IT service will have the resources to help start new projects quickly.  There is no need to hire and train the right people, and bring them up to speed on the project.  Experienced IT companies can implement new technology faster and more efficiently.

Maintain Focus

Business owners know resources are not abundant.  Every manager and employee has limited time and attention to their designated task.  Outsourcing IT will help you maintain focus on your business without all of the daily distractions caused by IT issues.

Reduce Risk

Business is full of risk.  Because markets, competition, government, financial climate, and technology are all constantly changing quickly, a lot of your time is spent figuring out how to avoid risk. Managed IT services providers manage much of the risk for you, as they typically have more industry experience, especially dealing with security and compliance issues.

Security and Compliance

How much do you know about firewalls and server security?  Does anyone in your office know if your business is completely compliant with constantly changing rules and regulations?  When audit time comes around, you don’t want to be worrying if your business will get shut down the next morning.  Managed IT services companies keep up with the industry security and compliance standards so you don’t have to.

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