Best Practices For An Eco-Friendly Office

green_buildingCreating a green office environment doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Most of the time, it’s the simplest little things that your office can do that make all the difference.

By conserving resources, these environmentally-friendly office practices can save your business money while helping our planet.

Here are some helpful tips on how to promote a more efficient, eco-friendly office:

Office Recycling Program

Recycle, recycle, recycle!  The majority of office waste come from paper and packaging that either sit cause clutter around the office or even end up in the trash.  The best way to promote recycling to is have recycling containers available and easy to access for all of your employees. Electronic waste, such as toner cartridges, computers, and other office equipment can also be recycled or sent back to the manufacturers.  Always ask manufacturers about their recycling programs.

Paper Waste

Putting a stop to paper waste can begin with the old “Think before you print” mantra.  Do you really need to print a 100-page presentation for every person in the room?  That’s what a projector is for!  Also, try making it a routine to print on both sides of the page. Offices can drastically reduce paper costs by investing in a duplex printer.

Environmentally-friendly Office Supplies

Environmentally-friendly office supplies are more common than you think!  Just do a little browsing and you will see a plethora of eco-friendly office supplies such as cleaning products, recycled paper, and eco-friendly desks.  Products made from PVC, aluminum, and Styrofoam are not only a thing of the past, but potentially harmful to your employees.  So, not only are you helping the planet, you are doing your employees’ well-being a great favor as well.

Lower the Thermostat at Night

Here’s a good one.  If your office is closed for the next 12-16 hours, who exactly are you helping keep cool throughout the night?  Unless you keep employees working so hard they have to sleep over, it might be a good idea to lower the thermostat at the end of the day.  This easy practice can save you up to 10% on your energy expenses.

Upgrade Your Office Equipment

Are you still running office equipment from the stone-age?  If your equipment such as desktops, monitors, and refrigerators don’t at least have an Energy Star logo on them, most likely your equipment is hogging up all the juice in the office.  Energy Star rated business office equipment are more likely to use less energy, ultimately saving your office money.  Investing in new equipment will help you save in the long-term.

Set Equipment to Sleep Mode

Make it a habit to set all of your electronic gadgets and equipment to sleep mode when not in use.  You’ll be surprised how much energy is wasted from idle machines that remain on for long periods of time.  Most newer equipment can do this automatically, so be sure to change your settings.

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