How Print Management Can Optimize Your Business

woman_workingDue to innovative technology, office printing has rapidly evolved.  Still, most businesses underestimate the cost of print production without realizing how to evaluate and manage these costs.

Wasteful printing practices occur more often in not across all industries.  It has been estimated that 90% of businesses have no effective way of managing their in-house printing processes.  Businesses are hardly aware that they can spend as much as 3% of their total annual revenue on printing alone.

With print management, businesses are able to put a stop to wasteful and unnecessary printing practices.  Print management can help cut costs and help businesses operate more efficiently. Implementing print management solutions not only helps you optimize your office as far as cost savings, but also benefits our planet by drastically reducing waste.

Cost Reduction

Controlling operating costs is one of the toughest tasks for any company.  Much of those operating costs consist of toner and supplies, security and storage, maintenance and network management, and overprinting.  Without any sort of control over these costs, your company’s bottom line can be greatly affected.

With a print management solution, your business can reduce operating costs and save up to 30% of your annual printing revenue through proper document methods, optimal print configurations, and affordable toner and supplies.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Overprinting can cause a printer to constantly crash and function improperly.  It is definitely a major cause of why most printers don’t last as long as they should, resulting in increased maintenance costs and the potential of having to purchase a new printer.  By optimizing your office machines, they will be less likely to crash or malfunction due to overuse.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Investing in print management is doing your part in saving our planet.  Businesses today are becoming more environmentally responsible, veering toward greener solutions and striving toward a more sustainable environment.  With print management, not only are you reducing unnecessary print output in your office, you are also helping the planet by reducing carbon emissions.

Manage Your Printer Fleet

Managing your entire fleet of printers can be exhausting, especially for a business that depends highly on printing.  By implementing a print management solution, tasks such as meter reading and supply ordering are automated and streamlined for your convenience.  The more efficient your printer fleet is managed, the more time and money you save. You will never have to submit a meter read or order more supplies than you need.

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