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  • 50% of office waste going to our landfills is paper
  • 42% of our global wood harvest is destined to become paper
  • 100% of the solution begins with US

We hear it all the time. “Think Before You Print.”  But is the message really getting across?  Much of the way we communicate is still done via paper documentation.  Not only does this generate piles of paper in our offices, there is also the economic cost of ink and paper, but more importantly the environmental cost that we all bear as a society.

Historically, paper production has ranked high amongst the most resource-intensive and heavily polluting of all manufacturing industries. Also, paper production is a highly chemically intensive process, making the paper industry one of the world’s biggest culprits of emitting toxic chemicals to the water and air.

But the global impact of paper doesn’t stop there.  Paper waste continues to be an issue even after it has been throw away.  Not only does paper put a strain on our landfills, it has the potential of decomposing and producing methane, a greenhouse gas which is far more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide.

Much has been speculated of how much greenhouse gases are the result of the world’s paper consumption.  But the amount is significant enough to call for a change in our printing habits.  The core problem is not so much the paper itself, but the consumption of it.  The more we print, the more paper is produced, used, and eventually thrown away.  50% of office waste going to our landfills is paper.

As a business, keeping the planet in mind before printing not only helps the environment, but also keeps ink and paper expenses low.  More businesses are making the shift toward greener office solutions to help reduce costs and paper waste.  And in this day and age, going green is becoming a standard for any responsible business.  Save money while you save the planet!  It’s a win-win for you, your business, and everyone else around you.

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